The Greatest Guide To pulli kolangal

Go for this vibrant orange, yellow shade kolam rangoli. The kolam design and style is breath-having; you may need lots of exertions and time to create this one particular.

 The  newest addition to this collection on Deepavali kolam Thoughts .  It's really a fifteen to 1 ner pulli kind kolam.  As regular position the dot grid.  Attract the kolam in the centre in direction of the outer sides.  To start with attract three intersecting lines as revealed.

 Then recognize the central dot in the last row and attract the petals with the lotus as proven.  Really once we get started this rangoli, the dots will appear to present up and ask to become related!.

- Information about unique names in different parts of India from There are many different types of kolam designs - line kolams, the cost-free hand drawing of strains for making a geometrical pattern.

The subsequent one On this collection isn't just a neli kolam.  What I've attempted is utilizing a nine to 5 dot grid working with simple repetitive neli kolam styles attempted to draw a unique kolam.  The dots remaining on the periphery are utilised drawing an define.  The dots remaining inside are accustomed to adorn it with small and cute floral styles.  Another however simple kolam that may be drawn being a kolam for day by day use.

 Each and every will likely be gorgeous or great in its very own way.  This rangoli is apt for individuals who desire a simple rangoli for themes like flower rangoli for competitions or for festivals like Diwali or Pongal. I think these kolangal may also fit in where the space is short .

One more simple kolam with 9 to 5 dot pattern. I have left it at the simple phase.  An outstanding kolam for incorporating colours.  Remember to try out.  It has simple floral patterns throughout . Is often drawn for a Section of daily kolangal.

Pongal Kolam With Dots Shots: Persons would like to desire their family and friends with pongal kolam wiht dot photos, so check out these pongal kolam with dots pictures.

c)    Distribute the oil to the plate evenly and uniformly utilizing the hand to ensure a skinny movie of oil is formed around the          plate

That is a flower kolam with dot pattern more info seven by seven.  I have utilized hibiscus and rose buds for the look.  Draw the flowers about the corners then the central pattern then insert the roses to find the final layout.

 Because it is actually a Margazhi Specific it is necessary to fill with beauitful colors - your entire kolam - not simply the designs and also the gaps are crammed up with a variety of colors, pink, yellow and blue as demonstrated.  The centre on the flower can be decorated with white designs.

     Picking colours could be left to our imagination for common floral designs but for particular flowers like rose, lotus and hibiscus you will find restrictions. The black and white images display two stages from the kolam. A flower kolam for Margazhi.

I utilized to drawn your kolams on fridays in pooja home. even my mom and mother in law are learning pooja room kolams from me.

Kolam with dots are in demand for Deepavali year.  The kolam below has actually been left plus the white kolam stage and we could fill it with colours of our decision.

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